What is a diode? A simple animated overview | Basic Electronics

What is a diode? A simple animated overview | Basic Electronics

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This introduction to diodes is for those who have had a little experience with electronics but are not familiar with diodes and just need a high level overview of what they’re getting into. Josh goes over some of the basic things to think about when working with diodes, some of the challenges, and how we can model diodes to simplify solving circuits. To get even more in-depth on this topic, go to the CircuitBread website – https://www.circuitbread.com/tutorials/introduction-to-diodes

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
0:21 What does a diode do?
0:46 If you put a positive voltage on the anode versus the cathode
1:06 An ideal IV curve for diodes
1:40 Forward voltage, Vf, or the “pressure” needed to start conducting in the forward direction
2:25 A more realistic IV curve for diodes
3:01 Constant Voltage Drop (CVD) Model
3:37 The non-linearity of diodes and the challenges of solving circuits with a diode in it
5:12 What some diodes look like in real life (diode types), power diodes, signal diodes, schottky diodes, and zener diodes
7:07 Comparison of the schematic and the physical part.
7:37 Review of important electrical characteristics – forward voltage, reverse voltage, forward current, and reverse leakage current.

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What is a diode? A simple animated overview | Basic Electronics