Raspberry Pi Pico W (micropython wifi web server test)

Raspberry Pi Pico W (micropython wifi web server test)

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M first Raspberry Pi Pico W and micropython test. A webserver turning the built in LED on and off.

0. Get the Raspberry Pi Pico W. I got mine from pi3g.com (not affiliated)
1. Download micropython firmware from https://micropython.org/resources/firmware/rp2-pico-20220618-v1.19.1.uf2
2. Drop on mass storage that’s showing up when connecting the Pico W to your computer
3. You can use https://thonny.org/ IDE to use the shell and execute individual commands. Or create new files and store them on the Pico W like the contents from this example https://github.com/pi3g/pico-w
4. Set your wifi credentials in secrets.py
5. Execute the code and open the IP that’s displayed in the console when the Pico is connected.

The original tutorial is here https://youtu.be/Or-UVgiMQsU

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Raspberry Pi Pico W (micropython wifi web server test)

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