FINALLY! A GPU works on the Raspberry Pi!

FINALLY! A GPU works on the Raspberry Pi!

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After TWO YEARS it finally works! Video output through multiple GPUs on the Raspberry Pi. Well… sorta. Check out what we have working in the video—and what’s yet to be discovered.

Special thanks to EVERYONE who’s worked so hard on this over the past couple years, especially those in the GitHub issues. See links below if you want to dive deeper into the Pi external GPU rabbit hole!

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More info:

– Raspberry Pi PCIe Device Database:
– Blog post with more detail:

Graphics cards used in this video:

– ASRock Rack M2_VGA (SM750):
– VisionTek AMD Radeon 5450 1GB:
– Dell AMD Radeon HD7470 1GB: TODO
– AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT:

Adapters and equipment used in this video (some are affiliate links):

– PCIe x1 to x16 adapter:
– Razor Saw blades:
– BC1 Mini ITX bench table:
– Seaberry Pi:
– Coolerguys AC to Molex 2A power adapter:


00:00 – Persistence pays off
01:21 – M2_VGA works!
01:57 – AMD Radeon cards
02:46 – GUIs work!
03:34 – 3D Benchmarks… kinda work!
04:13 – Memory woes
05:45 – Can it run Crysis?
07:01 – Will other ARM SoCs work better?
08:05 – What about Windows?
08:16 – And that RX 6700 XT?
08:35 – To boldly go.



FINALLY! A GPU works on the Raspberry Pi!

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