Electronics for beginners – Basic electronics components and symbols

Electronics for beginners - Basic electronics components and symbols

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Basic electronics components and symbols is a series of videos
https://youtu.be/v83Jnbhm_FY for electronics for beginners
an online video tutorial course about electronics from zero learning in a easy,practical oriented tutorials about electronics.
Electronics for beginners
Set up electronics laboratory on a budget

An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields. Electronic components are mostly industrial products, available in a singular form and are not to be confused with electrical elements, which are conceptual abstractions representing idealized electronic components.

Electronic components have a number of electrical terminals or leads. These leads connect to create an electronic circuit with a particular function (for example an amplifier, radio receiver, or oscillator). Basic electronic components may be packaged discretely, as arrays or networks of like components, or integrated inside of packages such as semiconductor integrated circuits, hybrid integrated circuits, or thick film devices
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Electronics for beginners – Basic electronics components and symbols