BASIC ELECTRONICS – Part 2 – Kirchhoff’s law, series and parallel circuits

BASIC ELECTRONICS – Part 2 – Kirchhoff’s law, series and parallel circuits

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This is the second in our series on basic electronics and in this video we look in depth at series and parallel circuits and how to calculate the circuit resistances, currents and voltages.

We also look at the very important Kirchhoff’s laws and how familiarity with these laws will help in understanding how circuits work.

For anyone beginning a career or hobby in electronics or for anyone preparing for electrical exams, this video is essential viewing. It is a fascinating and rewarding career to be in and in these short videos we will introduce the basic concepts and ideas that form the fundamentals of electronics.

Beginning with the basic building blocks we will progress through the many and varied components and the electronic circuits, so that you more fully understand how they all work together. Without electronics we would not have the modern and connected world that we live in today, and there are so many small items that we use on an everyday basis, without realising, that rely on electronics.

Understanding the theory and practice of this fascinating subject will help you in the understanding of so many industrial machines and domestic items; and for those that are looking for a future in the electronics or electrical industries – well, you couldn’t choose a better career.

This series from LearnElectrics will help to give you a good foundation of knowledge that will stay with you into the future. You will learn things that remain in your mental toolbox for the whole of your life. We will always have electricity and we will always have a need for people to understand electronics.

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Always work safely, electricity can be dangerous. If you are unsure, stop and seek advice.



BASIC ELECTRONICS – Part 2 – Kirchhoff’s law, series and parallel circuits