Arduino Emulates a Commodore 64!

Arduino Emulates a Commodore 64!

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An Arduino is actually powerful enough to emulate a C64. With only a few external components it outputs PAL or NTSC video and can be connected to any TV or composite input of an analog monitor.

Code, schematics and instructions:

USB Oscilloscope:

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0:00 Introduction
1:07 Emulation of the MOS 6510 CPU
1:40 Memory mapping: How 64 Kilobytes are squeezed into a Arduino RAM
3:17 Composite video output (VIC II emulation)
5:05 Connecting a USB or PS/2 keyboard and entering a simple BASIC program
5:57 Compare with the original C64
7:04 320×200 Hi Resolution mode on Arduino Mega



Arduino Emulates a Commodore 64!